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        LPZ series centrifugal spray cooling granulator

        Working principle:

        Clean air into the granulation tower, in the tower using centrifugal granulation dedicated nozzle, through the frequency control will be a variety of liquid material into the required small droplets, and cold air for rapid heat exchange, take away the liquid Of the heat, the material from the bottom of the tower and cyclone discharge.


        ● especially for sticky, paste, paste material effect is good, other equipment can not be replaced. 
        ● Suitable for all kinds of condensing Spray granulation products, a wide range of temperature adaptation. 
        ● nozzle frequency control, easy maintenance, simple operation, low operating costs.


        This series of spray granulator is mainly used for stearic acid, paraffin wax, rice wax, antioxidant, nicotinamide and other needs of melt granulation, cooling granulation resin, grease, vitamins industry spray cooling granulation.

        Technological process:

        Technical Parameters:

        Project / model LPZ-100 LPZ-200 LPZ-300 LPZ-500 LPZ-800 LPZ-1000 LPZ-2000 LPZ-3000
        Production capacity (kg / h) 100 200 300 500 800 1000 2000 3000
        Spray form Centrifugal atomizer for granulation
        Spray pressure (mpa) Frequency adjustment
        Tower diameter (mm) 3000 3200 3600 3800 4200 4800 5200 6000
        Height of tower body (mm) 11250 14500 15850 17000 18000 18500 20000 23000
        Land length (mm) According to the user site layout
        Area width (mm) According to the user site layout
        Note: The production capacity and material properties, viscosity and the degree of air cooling.
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